LED light strips are legal in Texas under certain conditions. LED light bars cannot be directed too high in the air, they must not be blue or red, cannot be too bright and cannot be a nuisance to other drivers. Aside from the many restrictions California has on headlights and many other car parts, pop-up headlights are perfectly legal as long as the light inside the case complies with the law. Red and blue LEDs are strictly prohibited, except that red is acceptable for taillights. The idea is that civilians should not be allowed to imitate emergency vehicles because it is confusing and potentially dangerous. Driving can be difficult if you have weak or outdated headlights, and the new LED lights are very attractive. They offer increased visibility, which is an undisputed advantage on any road, and a sleek look. However, in some parts of the country, there are restrictions on the type of headlights you can have on your car. For example, are LED headlights legal in Texas? Ultra-bright headlights can also temporarily dazzle other drivers. Sergeant McClure said that some automakers ship new cars with LED lights and these bulbs may have a slight blue tint. But anyone can tell the difference between a light shade and bulbs marketed as blue bulbs.

All LED taillights that come ex factory as OEM bearings are legal in the state of Texas. In the state of California, you are allowed to have LED lights in your headlights, but there are a few guidelines for the law that must be followed. One of these laws states that white is the only color that can be used on your headlights. Although many people like the idea of lighthouses of different colors, they have been considered a nuisance by the federal government and the Texas state government. DOT approved headlights, LED or otherwise, must be yellow, yellow or white. Those bright, bluish headlights in your rearview mirror may come from a high-end luxury car equipped with such lights. But they may also be a sign of a change in the aftermarket that is technically illegal, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Aftermarket LED headlights are illegal in Texas unless a vehicle comes standard with factory LED headlights. Yes, LED headlights are generally legal in Texas, although there are a few caveats. Headlights must be white, yellow or amber and must not be a nuisance on the road. Headlights cannot be covered with a grille or cover, and they must have a valid Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker.

All LED headlights are legal in the state of Texas, with the exception of red and blue. This makes legal any headlight included in your vehicle as an OEM feature. As for aftermarket lighthouses, they must be approved dot. If you only use show and off-road headlights on public roads, you can get tickets or be towed. In most cases, these new types of headlights are legal with certain regulations. Many state laws comply with these federal standards. This gives law enforcement the power to stop and cite vehicles that they say contain illegal xenon lamps or HID from the aftermarket. Missouri law requires lighthouses to be predominantly white.

Missouri`s statutes state this: “Lighthouses, when illuminated, must have essentially white lights.” Colored accent lights are a controversial gray area. They`re not technically illegal as long as they don`t interfere with headlights or taillights, and you can`t mimic police or ambulance lighting. LED light strips are usually legal in the front half of cars as long as they are not intended to serve as primary lighting. After all, lights that could be considered a nuisance to other motorists are sometimes considered too bright by law enforcement. If your lights are so bright that other drivers and/or pedestrians are at risk, you may get into trouble. Use common sense when determining how bright your headlights should be. The other limitation is that your headlights must be clearly visible, otherwise you could be given a ticket and asked to remove the colors of the headlights. If your smoked light covers cause your white headlights to illuminate a different color (i.e.

blue), you could be breaking the headlight law. You may also have a problem if your blankets dampen your headlights too much. LED headlights also have the advantage of lasting longer than halogen lamps. In short, upgrading to LED headlights would be a complete improvement for your vehicle. Lighthouses are one of the parts in California where laws are very restrictive about the type of configuration you can legally use on the roads. To find out what is legal and what is not, keep reading this article! However, if you`re looking for a range of aftermarket LED headlights and are worried about passing the DOT inspection, you should look for DOT-approved or ASE-certified headlights. Accessories that block or dampen light are also illegal. These include “smoked headlights” and headlight grilles. Basically, anything that affects the efficiency of your headlights is illegal. There is no state law that says you can`t drive with LED lights on your vehicle, but this state law is limited only to colors that aren`t blue or red. So, if you`ve customized your vehicle, your LED headlights may be legally compliant, but it may be your suspension that doesn`t make them compliant.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to it when adapting your vehicle. Why can`t colors other than white be used for headlights? It is a question of visibility. If you used blue, red or green headlights, you would be less visible to other drivers at night. You`d also have less visibility if you were driving at night, and driving in foggy conditions with colorful headlights would be incredibly dangerous. In the state of California, there is a minimum and maximum height of LED headlights. No headlight should be less than the height of 22 inches above the ground or exceed the height of 54 inches above the ground. For what LED headlights can offer you as a driver, they are a great upgrade. You can get a better line of sight at night, they last longer than the average halogen headlights and put less pressure on your battery. If the headlights are too high, they could potentially dazzle other drivers, and a vehicle lying too low on the ground could make it difficult to see the headlights.

In addition to the blue and red colors of the light bar, the application of this law is at the discretion of the police officer. Xenon headlights are similar to LED headlights in California. If they come out of the factory by default, they will be legal because manufacturers make sure they comply with all state laws. LED Headlights: These may look blue, but are actually white. Blue and red LED lights are not illegal to install or use at an auto show, but due to federal law that prohibits blue and red lights only in emergency vehicles, you may not have these lights on when you`re on a public road. LED headlights can be a turning point for people with poor eyesight or simply for people who want a little more light at night. The streets of Texas can get extremely dark, so it makes perfect sense to want a boost. As long as you`re not there pretending to be a police officer or an ambulance, most types of reasonable lights are legal. LED headlights are legal in California as long as they are DOT approved. In order for your LED headlights to be DOT approved, you must have OEM headlights as standard. When you go into the aftermarket, you want DOT or ASE certified LED headlights.

Because your interior lighting only lights up when you`re not driving, unlike LED headlights, you can choose blue or red as your colors.