Although the restaurant chain is aggressively expanding in the U.S. from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Twin Peaks has not examined its influence abroad. again. In fact, there is only one international location Twin Peaks, and it is located in an unusual place: Kazan, Russia. Twin Peaks customers have a lot to do when they pull another tortilla chip out of Chipotle Queso`s pot. The sparse uniforms of waiters and hostesses are a big part of the attraction in any restaurant. If the concept doesn`t sound entirely original, there`s a good reason: Twin Peaks co-founder and then-CEO Randy DeWitt wasn`t afraid to cite his inspiration for the restaurant in a 2014 Bloomberg profile. If you`ve visited a Hooters at some point in your life, you`re probably already familiar with the overall concept of Twin Peaks: young, scantily clad waiters and hostesses serving gigantic cups of beer and various bar dishes, feigning the interest of the mostly male clientele for a few hours of family-friendly appeal and rated G. Hooters may have pushed the concept, but competing chains like Twin Peaks have pushed the concept of “attentive service” (or, as they are more casually called, “”) restaurants to the point of making orange Hooters girls with shorts and tank top almost healthy in comparison.

At Twin Peaks, the heart of the house is the engine and soul behind every action performed in the restaurant. In this case, what goes on behind the scenes gets the recognition it deserves. The environment we offer would not be possible without the countless members of the Heart of the House who hold the whole experience together. From chefs to barbacks to busers, every team member plays a central role in the Twin Peaks experience. The expansion spurt in 2014 was anything but a coincidence. In fact, sales had reached $240 million by the end of the year, “the largest increase of any restaurant company with at least $200 million in domestic sales,” according to Forbes. This follows huge increases in 2013, 2012 and 2011. These numbers are even more impressive when you consider that Twin Peaks ended 2009 with just 10 locations and had 64 restaurants at the end of 2014.

Working as a waitress for Twin Peaks is very different from being a waitress at any other restaurant. To first qualify as a daughter of Twin Peaks, there are certain standards that the company has set to be hired. The first thing managers look at is the girl`s appearance and personality. As for appearance, no, not all girls have to be blonde with huge breasts. Twin Peaks loves a variety of girls of all nationalities. As long as she is well assembled, there is a good chance that she will get the job without any previous experience. The most important personality trait of every Twin Peaks girl is self-confidence. Have confidence in walking around in your outfit and have confidence in talking to strangers and entertaining them. This means sitting with everyone, including the creepers. And yes, there is. It becomes easier to deal with creepers and laugh at bad jokes and soon it becomes part of the routine.

Most people may find this way of working a bit humiliating, but honestly, I love what I do. I have a lot of fun getting to know my tables and sisters at Plad and have met so many people with access to so many opportunities that it`s a great way to network and get to know each other. When it comes to advice, you get the good with the bad, and trust me, we remember those who type badly. While this usually balances out, these are still waiting tables, so not every night is a $200 night. In my experience, having a good attitude on every shift is what makes money. Also, no one wants to be with a girl with a bad attitude. After hiring, girls are introduced to the grading system. The row is used for the order of picking sections, cutting and liberating. Rank is determined by several different things: fitness, uniform, hairstyle, makeup, teamwork, punctuality, total shift grade, merchandise sales, and credit card advice. Although the ranking seems quite personal, it is used to ensure that each girl does her best when representing Twin Peaks. While the menu may seem more adventurous than similar competing restaurants, it`s hardly avant-garde or innovative. If you`ve eaten at a chili`s or applebee`s at some point in your life, you probably won`t find any surprises on Twin Peaks` menu, which focuses on the same hodgepodge of Southern cuisine, Tex-Mex, and standard pub food.

In 2011, rival pioneering chain Hooters sued Twin Peaks co-founder Joseph Hummel, a former executive of the “deliciously sticky but unrefined” restaurant chain. Hummel left Hooters to develop and launch Twin Peaks, and it seems he took some “trade secrets” with him when he left his former employer to start his new business. So what`s the connection between Twin Peaks, David Lynch`s groundbreaking TV series that some consider one of the greatest TV series of all time, and Twin Peaks, the restaurant chain where you can eat fried cucumbers served by a half-naked lady in lingerie? In several profiles of the Twin Peaks empire and on their own website, the marketing team attaches great importance to the relative quality of their food compared to similar restaurants. “Everyone is a foodie these days,” Joe Hummel, CEO of Twin Peaks, told Business Insider. “You can`t fool the consumer in today`s world with all the different food shows and food networks out there.” In 2014, Twin Peaks was the fastest growing restaurant chain in America with annual sales of approximately $165 million. And while the uniforms and suits may have been a little too racy for some, the biggest complaint with Twin Peaks seemed to be that the parking lot was always full, making it difficult to land a table. But our favorite has to be the “Blonde Mouse Pad,” which features a photo of “Brittany,” a generic blonde with the kind of accessible, non-threatening girl that makes Twin Peaks an attractive food destination for anyone with an unresolved fear of women. The mouse pad is perforated in a shape that fully accentuates Brittany`s breasts and ensures that your wrist naturally falls between them under normal mouse conditions. Well, you know. It`s exactly the kind of item you need for your office work when you`re thinking, “You know, it`s been a long time since I`ve had a mandatory meeting with our company`s human resources department.” If the idea that a restaurant is successful because it combines scantily clad long-haired waitresses dressed like sexy lumberjacks with spicy chicken wings and cold beer makes your eyes roll so hard in the back of your head that you temporarily go blind for a while, we can`t blame you.