June 30, 2019: A known name in Men’s Wear, Raiment, changed its logo from the crowned lion to a sleeker creatively visualized “R”. The new logo is a representation of the new direction the company is heading towards, described as a contemporary approach to modern textile design and the latest trends in men’s wear.

With the introduction of the new logo, the company is planning several large ventures and new initiatives that’s sure to offer a fresh change to the masses by offering them a one-stop, light-on-the-pocket fashion solution. In addition to the existing categories the company plans to roll out some additional categories for specific market segments that are sure to be a game changer, an example of which is the recent Midway Shirt collection, an interchangeable formal and casual shirt that can easily be worn in multiple settings and paired with multiple wardrobe peripherals that gives the wearer a wider selection of styling options.

Raiment may be the new kid on the block, but with innovative clothing solutions instead of baseless product launches that lack conceptual creativity, it looks to bring back meaningful fashion and give a new, yet revived meaning to men’s fashion wear. With hundreds of formal and casual shirt options to choose from, that are already hot-sellers on the online website www.raiment.pk, it’s a must-visit for men of all ages, from teenagers to office going young men and adults.

What sets Raiment apart is the high-spirited and young management and marketing team that’s in touch with what the audience desires and are committed to providing no less than the absolute best quality at affordable costs.

Raiment has consistently shown to be flexible and mold itself according to the needs of the populous and in doing so, serves as one of the select few that are strictly in the game to offer something new to the masses that have long been deprived of unique and desirable men’s fashion.

With the new logo, Raiment strives to continue its legacy of serving the people with a renewed and contemporary approach and bring a revolution to Pakistan’s stagnant men’s everyday-fashion scene