No matter what your profession, age or demeanor is, the whites are an essential in the wardrobe of any man, white shirts make up a substantial portion of most male wardrobes and with the summer here in full swing, it’s only fair that they find a home in your closet too. A symbol of effortless elegance, grace and forever in style, the white color isn’t just the simplest ticket to class, its’ a subtle fashion statement but a strong one at that.

Millennial Pink:

Once considered the epitome of manliness, the color pink was feminized during the 20th century, since then it became a trademark of all things girly, and made its way into becoming the girl-pop-culture symbol it is, until recently. With the advent of the millennial generation, pink has started to make its way back into men’s wear, especially the grittier groove of the Millenial Pink is a beat we can all dance to.

Sage Green:

Green has slowly but surely built its way into being a main-stay almost as much as black. Its versatility allows it to be paired with just as many colors and shades as the ever popular monochromes. Again, venturing off slightly to the darker side, a sage green shirt adds that muscular masculine punch to your formal attire that would make you stand out from the crowd.

Pastel Purple:

The fact that purple is often overlooked as the obvious choice for men is easily understandable as pop culture has long associated it with cartoonish characters in Disney Movies (think fortune-tellers and almost all villains from the 90’s). But make no mistake about it, some hues of purple such as the pastel shade in formal-wear is a sure shot way of stepping into the spot-light, the subtlety and sophistication of a pastel purple shirt paired with a pair of blue or black pants is a sure shot way to announce your presence without ever saying a word.

New Day Neutrals:

Summers are all about feeling light, and what better way to look light than literally wearing what you’re feeling on your sleeve with some neutral shades. Beige may not be the ideal color to wear at a pool-party, but it most certainly is a shoe-in at a corporate setting. Throw on a light camel colored shirt and pair it with white tapered trousers for a flawlessly awe-inspiring look.

Light Blue:

Blue is a color associated with calm, peace and cool, all the essentials for having a good day in this scorching heat. Light blue shades not only feel cool but look just as soothing to the onlooker. A sure-fire way of lightening the mood up in any heated formal meeting, striped, checkered or plain, it isn’t cool, unless it’s blue!