To Match, or Not to Match?

Let Raiment help you look your best with Matches and Contrasts.

Wearing a standout outfit is not always as easy as pulling out a pair of pants and a shirt and walking out looking like a million bucks. Sometimes looking great takes an added effort of putting together the right combination of clothes. You open your wardrobe and you see that white shirt you really want to wear today, but picture wearing them with a green pair of pants; not too excited anymore, are you? The wrong combination can make a great dress look dull and a boring outfit look outstanding.

One way to make rather awkward colors work is picking up something to go with that in the same color or a slightly different shade from the same color palette. Take out your light brown formal shirt that you haven’t picked up in a while but now, with your dark brown jeans, the timing just seems right. Whites and blacks are also colors that go great with a matching pair of shirts or trousers, however, there’s no shade really that you can’t look good in when it comes to matching up your clothes.

However, when it comes to contrasting colors, the whole ball game tends to change. There’s a whole range of clothing that can be worn together and at the same time, a lot of clothes just don’t go with one another. Browns usually always go well with blacks, however, the extreme contrast to black never not goes well with the color. White pants or black ones look best when paired with their extreme counterparts. However, it’s not just blacks that go along with all whites, in fact, you can actually get away with a lot of pairings that work just as well, think blue, olive and shades of grey.

Even then, instead of any universal rule it’s more about going with your gut and staying confident, because you might go wrong with the pairing the first couple of times, but you’ll never go wrong with a winning personality.