With the ICC Cricket World Cup fully underway the excitement of cricket fans all over the world has reached a fever pitch. With all the teams competing for the coveted title of being called world champions. This time the 10 teams competing for glory have prepared through and through to face the grueling competition from oppositions, but no amount of hard work can replace the sheer grit and determination that can be witnessed during some special rivalries that half existed in the world of cricket as long as the sport has been around. One of the most entertaining and oldest is the one between England and Australia which usually culminates in the ashes series, however, with the stakes being ever high in the world cup, both these teams risk it all to come out on top. However, there’s one rivalry in the south Asian sub-continent that perhaps exceeds all limitations and is more of an all-out war rather than a cricket match. Of course this can only mean Pakistan and India. The rivalry between these two countries transcends the cricket field, as the neighbors have competed against each other in almost every other sport in addition to having 3 literal wars.

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