Raiment kicks off the 2019 winter with fashion with the latest arrivals in their signature print edition formal shirts following the successful Oxford Casual Shirt collection. The launch comes at a time when people are busy stocking up on summer left-overs in meaningless sales that put the purchased clothes in the wardrobe till the summers arrive so they may be taken out and worn for the first time.

With eclectic prints and colors that give out a church-window and kaleidoscope vibe along with culturally inspired folk prints and plenty of dark colors to go around, the Print Edition Formal Shirts are a must have for any trend-enthusiast.

A wide range of colors means a wide array of styling options. The latest print edition formals can be worn tucked-in or out and offer a wide range of styling options for bottom pairing. Easily wearable with Blacks and Blues and even Whites, the Print Edition brings an assortment of work-wear that truly puts a fun twist on corporate attire.

They say the devil is in the details, and Raiment delivers quite punch with a slight change in style that makes the new formal shirts seem like something new altogether. Keeping the classic colorful visuals that keeps the nostalgia alive while moving on to a contemporary style.

The new styles focus on the paisley and geometric art-work seamlessly merging it with bold colors that make the shirts stand out from a distance. Cuffed-up or rolled-up, the sleeves with inline fabric worked in signify style and a bold casual yet sophisticated style statement at the same time. Specifically designed for the young at heart, the shirts are also completely functional to stay o pace with a fast paced life-style. Whether being worn in the house, at a party, a family gathering or a boy’s night out, the Print Edition Formal Shirts are made to make you stand out from the crowd and radiate confidence.

Available online, in store at Karachi and now in the newly opened Faisalabad outlet, the Print Edition Formal Shirts are ready for you, the only question to be asked is, are you ready for them?