Ties for men have always provided that finishing touch to attires that seems to “tie” the whole outfit together. From colonial times a good tie has always been thought of as the perfect accessory to a man’s clothing and with time, ties have come in all shapes and sizes. From the sleek bow-tie signifying the gentleman status in tuxedoes to the more traditional corporate long-tie that exists today to the more recent slim-ties doing the rounds in today’s fashion, ties have certainly made their presence felt as the most important wardrobe accessory in a man’s suiting arsenal.

However, tying the tie-knot is a whole other game altogether. While many of us struggle with even the regular tie-knot, there exist true men’s fashion geniuses that came up with truly exotic ways to exhibit a tie through knots that would make even the most boring of ties into a true work of art.

The Eldredge


Looking like overlapping plains of picturesque landscapes, the way this tie knot beautifully incorporates delicacy with the masculine accessory is truly inspiring. A true eye-grabber that would entrance anyone to be affixed at your neck for a significant period of time, this knot overlaps the fabric twice in alternating fashion of left and right before coming together in a neat spiral right down the middle. For those looking to impress coworkers, this knot is the perfect trick to pull.

The Trinity

Talk about putting a twist on the regular, the trinity knot seems something straight out of a futuristic science fiction film and seems to defy the laws of physics with how it brings together the fabric in a perfect tri-merger, thus named the trinity knot. Bringing together contemporary elements and a evergreen accessory, the trinity knot resembles a three leaf clover that’s sure to get your luck up if you’re looking to attract attention.

The Cape

Contrary to the name, the cape knot does not require you to wear your tie at the back and pretend you are Superman.But when you look at it, it certainly seems to be a superhero effort to put the tie knot together. With complementing smaller knots at the side and a large boom in the middle, the cape knot is as magnificent as it is visually confusing. Leaving onlookers thinking if tying the tie in such an intertwining fashion is even real or some visual effect, this one is definitely for the real fashion enthusiasts.

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