Mankind has come a long way when it comes to dressing up, we have evolved from the highly extravagant colonial era styles into sharper and more streamlined looks, yet one thing that has always remained a constant, is the need for grooming one’s self. Whether you’re wearing a fancy outfit or something casual, the only way to fully carry that ensemble is if you’re complimenting that with nicely kept hair, well-groomed beard and a nice perfume to go with. Here are 5 grooming tips we recommend.


It’s always good to invest in a good quality perfume, quality being the focus here, because as a great perfume can enhance your overall look, a bad one is just as detrimental to your whole personality. A nice scent has the effect of a great stimulant and tells people that you care about yourself and how you smell, making your first impression a lasting one.


A person that values time is someone who definitely knows what he’s doing with his life. Wearing a watch shows people that you are a goal-oriented man for whom every passing second is a necessity and you invest your time well. It’s only sensible to invest then, in a time-piece that goes with your personality, and even if you can’t afford the big bucks on a Hublot, Rolex or Patek Phillipe, there are loads of options out there that do their job of telling the time and make your wrist look just as good.


A well-kept beard is sometimes the easiest way to a woman’s heart. While a beard is easy to grow for some people, keeping it nice and groomed can be quite a pain, but it’s a pain you’ll need to bear if you want to be taken seriously in the world. A groomed beard is the ultimate sign of masculinity and is sure to get you some well-deserved attention, we at Raiment recommend some good quality scented beard-oils to take care of the all-important facial hair.


They say that the hair make the man, and it couldn’t be any truer. You may wear the finest clothes money can buy yet if the top of your head looks out of shape it wouldn’t matter very much what you wear from the neck down. A well-kept hair-do is, if we might say the most essential aspect of a man’s look. It’s always good to invest in a quality hair-cut whether you’d like to keep them short or grow them out. On the flip side, if your hairline is receding or if you run the risk of being the first man to nail the comb over, we advise to go all out. Don’t believe us? How about The Rock, Vin Diesel or Jason Statham to convince you that bald can be beautiful.


You could have the finest formal shirt and still look un-kept if you can’t carry it. At the end, having a well-maintained physique is the ultimate secret to looking and feeling good. Invest in some work out equipment or gym membership and make sure to take care of your body by kicking bad habits and adopting a healthy diet. If you have a great physique, it won’t matter if you’re wearing a blazer, a tank top, a t-shirt or a formal shirt, you’re bound to attract attention either way.