The Fashion clothing is always a demanding industry all around the globe. Likewise, Pakistan is among the top growing market where the clothing industry is continuously coming with new names and ideas.

Men of millennial are updated with global trends of clothing, whether formal wear or casual and tend to go for companies who just not only focusing business but also attach to cater social causes.

Fashion apparel is always important for trendy men for first look of personality. These days, Men’s clothing is highly influenced by social trends and most importantly the essence of cultural heritage that varies over time and place. Hence all brands focus heavily on Facebook and Instagram these days too.

Pakistan being a country of numerous cultures and traditions has clothing fashion in its own way. Big Brands work hard to cater demand and need of all people from various class, age, and background. The choice of clothing always varies person to person that so brands has always come with various colors, styles etc.

People who focus on staying updated with the latest fashion follow fashion magazines, media and TV shows as-well. Trendy fashion is demanded by a majority of men in Pakistan of all class and creed.

Following are Top 5 fashion clothing brands currently in Pakistan who have captured the majority of Men’s clothing market.

Junaid Jamshed

A well-known name all over Pakistan “Junaid Jamshed”, initiated his brand from Karachi in 2002, and later named “J.”. They started with men’s stylish clothes, gradually expanded their business and started making women dresses, teens and children too

“J.” is a high end brand their focused on middle and middle upper class. They deal in casual and formal along with the groom’s wear which offers luxurious, traditional and stylish looks. Comfortable, hand-woven, eye-catching design and fabric are the highlighted features of this brand.

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani is a men brand that has revolutionized the entire men fashion industry. A well-known brand that needs no introduction. Deepak Perwani launched his brand in 1994 with menswear line and with the passage of time captured over Pakistani market in men’s formal, groom and casual wear. This brand has participated in numerous fashion shows worldwide and also won various awards. The uniqueness of their designs made their business expand over 17 countries.


A renowned brand name all over Pakistan, Khaadi, has started from Karachi in 1999 by Shamoon Sultan. Khaadi has become a symbol of style, classic textures penetrated the hearts of fashion conscious customers. It is among the top best fashion brands in Pakistan.

In the beginning, the brand first focused on hand-woven products, a smart clothing range of Pret wear for women. By the time, they started to deal in unstitched lawn, clothing range of men’s wear and children clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry as well.

Not only locally, Khaadi expanded it’s operations internationally and right now have stores in many different countries. They started working online in 2014 and introduced its online shopping on the international level as-well.

Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan started it’s outlet in 1990 with a modest start by offering Men’s neck ties. Amir Adnan’s committed quality gained popularity very quickly. The soon jumped into variety of men’s clothing items.

The trendiest brand gain popularity on the international level too with their modern and trendy styled groom’s Sherwani. They offer innovative, unique, and fresh designs in the market. Amir Adnan has explicitly targeted the upper-class community, as this brand is considered to be the most expensive brand in Pakistan.

Amir Adnan in-cooperated traditional designs and embroidered motifs into men’s kurtas, Sherwani.


The first fashion brand of Crescent Bahuman Ltd was established in 2005 by the brand name “Stoneage”. The trendy designs and high quality denim products are the main highlights of Stoneage. Moreover, the western touch of casual wear is also very popular by them. Stoneage is indulged in the manufacturing of T-shirts, jeans, sweaters and other accessories. An incomparable distinctive quality of denim jeans is the main reason for their success and popularity.