In an event of your friend’s wedding, formal business meetings, professional meet ups or regular office attire, a suiting is a perfect attire to give you perfect look.

A suit comes in normally two piece or three piece as-well. Two piece comprises of a coat(top) and pants(bottom). And three piece includes vest coat. Although there are many types of coats but normally these two types of coats are most common, single breasted and double breasted coat.

Single breasted coats come in 1, 2 and 3 buttons. 2 buttons are most common. Similarly, double breasted coats come in 4, 6 and 8 buttons.

Although men’s suiting business is a niche but there are many big players in market offering variety of fabrics highly premium ones as-well to offer top notch quality and looks.

While wearing Suit one most commonly needs a neck tie to wear with their dress collar shirt. Many people prefer to wear cufflinks with their formal shirts.

The market awareness of men’s suiting brands in Pakistan is increasing day by day. Here we’re going to highlight some popular Pakistani suiting brands that rules the industry.


Almost everyone in Pakistan are well-aware of this brand name HSY by famous Pakistani designer Hassan Shehreyar Yaseen. They started their operations in 2000 at Karachi.

HSY has outlets in the United States, South Asian countries, the Middle East and Europe as well. This brand is offering the best traditional, formal and casual men’s suits and men’s formal shirts too.

HSY has won several awards and it’s very popular in elite class of the country. HSY targets and very strong in the wedding groom market segment.


Deepak Perwani is a very re-known name in the Pakistani industry when we talk about the men suiting brands. He was an actor in the past, but later he concentrated more towards the fashion designing industry.

Deepak Perwani is the man of versatile talent that can design very latest and eye-catching dresses. He designs the suits with best of trends, fabrics and colors.

This brand is currently not only in Pakistan but globally in many countries as well. DP. has won numerous best designer awards at the national and the international level.

This brand is not only selling Men’s formal suits but also kurtas, jackets, wedding wear and sherwani too.


Lawrencepur is the oldest men’s suiting brand that was developed in 1954. This brand is offers one window solution for complete men wardrobe. With their vast knowledge and experience in fabrics, they monetize it by offering high quality suiting.

Lawrencepur is one the most successful fabric manufacturers of Pakistan who have proven their metal in the industry. People in Pakistan have their trust on their quality since many generations.

Not only the men’s suits but they also offer formal shirts, formal pants and ties. They are we known in bespoke suiting too.


Ambassador is the custom bespoke tailors in Pakistan that is renowned since 1989. They are experienced and highly talented bespoke suiting manufactures in the country.

They import high-quality fabric from England and Italy mostly with highest quality brand names. They are also into men’s shirts, eastern dresses and men’s accessories.

They are very popular in circle of high level government officials, diplomats, and businessmen. Recently they were in news for some proud reasons as former US president, George W.Bush has flown this Pakistani tailor to USA for his custom made suit.


Cambridge brand is a household name in Pakistan. They are into men’s clothing since some generations.

Beside many different men’s clothing items, they are very popular in ready-made suiting. They offer variety of suit in various fabric types and quality ranging from low to high prices ranges.

The brand has excellent fabric collections that never disappoint the customers. The outlets of Cambridge are almost all over Pakistan’s states. They also offer elegant and satisfying selection of men’s accessories like men’s tie, cufflinks, belts, etc.