Fashion goes beyond just dressing up a certain way, it defines a person’s life style and how he chooses to approach his day to day life a certain way. But looking the part goes a long way in creating the personality traits desirable in a man, as the saying goes, “Dress how you’d like to be treated”.

Every year with brings a variety of fads to keep in tune with if one would like to stay relevant and 2019 is turning out to be no different. With a plethora of new men’s fashion trends hitting the market every day, we’ve singled out a few that would definitely add swagger to your personality.

Printed Shirts

Its known fact that formal shirts if not done right can be one of the most boring items in a man’s wardrobe. With summer just around the corner, Printed Formal Shirts seem to be changing the game for men across Pakistan. With funky textures and jazzy colors and geometric prints, printed shirts are seemingly here to add some fun to your corporate life and we’re definitely happy they are.

Mandarin Necks

Regular collars are slowly but surely becoming outdated, with new collar styles becoming all the rage we chose to address a collar style more trivial in nature. Enter the mandarin collar formal shirt, making Chinese men look good since the 1600s, its back in style and in full swing, and if you aren’t catching up and keeping a couple of monochrome mandarin necks in your closet, you’re definitely falling behind.

All Brown Everything

Some colors talk, some don’t and the one that seem to be talking the loudest this year is the color brown. Be it brown shorts, brown pants, brown casual shirts or brown formal wear, you can’t seem to put a foot wrong with an all-brown attire this summer. We’d recommend trying out a dark brown shade of shoes to go with a lighter shade for the bottoms and an ever lighter shade shirt to complete your look.

Comfort Clothing

Despite all the gimmicky influence of military or sportswear and other genres fashion was once defined by comfort, style and functionality. The trend seems to be coming full circle as we’re moving back towards the idea that looking good, doesn’t necessarily need to feel uncomfortable. A recent reemergence of sweat pants and baggy tees is a refreshing throwback to the 80s and we are all-in.

Half Sleeves

Men’s fashion is becoming more and more pronounced in the sense that it takes more to make a statement now that just a plain white shirt tucked neatly in a plain white trouser. Yet the subtlety of light colored half-sleeved shirts to go with a dark color pair of pants makes as much of a style statement as accentuated accessories.

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