Who knew you could spend a whole day just exploring a plethora of shirt collars. Luckily for you, we at Raiment have got you covered, with a huge array to choose from, let’s have a look at some of the more “IN” shirt-collars out there.

Varsity Collar

A favorite for party-goers, the varsity neck offers that casual look and easy feel that you need while you’re in the groove. Mostly available with creative prints and designs as part of casual collections with most brands, this collar tells people that “Yeah I’m a cold corporate executive at day but an all-out party animal by night” , balancing the best of both worlds, the varsity collar is an obvious preference for millennials and their fast paced life.

Mandarin Collar

They say the Chinese are everywhere, and men’s fashion would be no different, the mandarin collar has been rocking china’s fashion scene since the middle ages and the rest of the world is now catching up with the snappy new style. Sleek, slim and signifying the Chinese minimalist way of doing things, the mandarin collar elevates your normal look in a subtle yet major way.

English Spread Collar

The classic English spread has been the norm in men’s formalwear for decades and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Having ruled most of the world, the English have left their impression and fashionably so, with the conventional collar being the go-to style for most formal shirt brands around the world. Simple, conventional, yet in no way boring, you can’t go wrong with the ole Brit.

Extreme Cutaway Collar

For those looking to minimalize their style, the extreme cutaway offers that clean look you’ve been craving for. A modern twist on the historic tux-shirt, the collar when paired with a tapered pair of trousers is a genuinely crisp formal wear option that most youths these days desire. Whether on its own or under a blazer, the extreme cutaway is your getaway ride after you’re done robbing hearts.

Straight Collar

A favorite of fashion aficionados that prefer the vintage throwback to days when chivalry was still alive, the straight collar is straight outta the land of the Brits and as classy as they come. The central element that ties in any three-piece suit, the straight collar is a must-have if you have a flair for theatrics, flamboyance and down-right sophistication.

No matter what collar you choose, if paired right, you’re a shoe-in to be the center of attention if you keep following Raiment’s fashion tips.