Color isn’t always a requirement to create a stunning look as some of the most entrancing looks have been around an all-white ensemble.White shirts do have the subtle appeal on their own yet when worn with a white pair of bottoms it does create a true fashion statement, so much so that it has been featured in mainstream media. In order to create the perfect white look, here’s a few suggestions we at raiment recommend for having in your closet.

Casual White Shirts

Wearing a casual white shirt doesn’t have to be elaborate. All you need is to keep things simple and invest in a pair of jeans or sweatpants to go with your casual white shirt and you already have an outfit that grabs attention. Wear your shirt fully buttoned or a couple of buttons open, it’s bound to look great either way. You can make the look even cooler by adding a pair of white sneakers and a white t-shirt underneath your casual shirt. While there are a lot of pairing options to be had, denim has proven to be the best match to go with.

Formal White Shirts

While black has been known to create an elegant aura, its white counterpart has been known to work just as well. A formal white shirt has an undeniable gravity that seems to attract onlookers even if you’re trying to go unnoticed.  If you’re looking to achieve a trendy yet aesthetic look, white dress shirts are the way to go. Paired with black formal trousers or chinos, it has the intensity to create a sleek look that stands out and remains soft and subtle at the same time. To create a truly inspiring look, try wearing a pair of white formal pants with a short of long sleeved dobby or jacquard textured white shirt, throw together a nice leather strap watch, a brown leather belt and some brown loafers and you’re ready to look like a movie star that just got off a helicopter.

White Blazers

While black or checkered blazers are all the rage the past season, having a white blazer in your wardrobe might help you make the ultimate style statement in 2019. An all-white outfit that includes a formal white shirt, a pair of white chinos or formal pants and a white blazer might not be fit for all occasions, but it makes you stand out in a great many such as summer-weddings and garden parties. If you are planning to go to such an event, make sure to give this stimulating alternative to black a consideration.